The Victorian public sector is not the easiest place to work.


But one great benefit is the opportunity, every four years, to choose your own employer.

Your union is helping make that decision process simpler.

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We're interviewing your prospective employers.




Because when you're choosing your employer, you should be well informed.




Dear Major Political Party,

Re: Public Sector Election Survey of Victorian Political Parties

CPSU, The Community and Public Sector Union, represents state public servants, public sector workers and employees in private sector entities that deliver services on contract on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Given our role as the representative union of current and future employees of the State, I am seeking the views of all major political parties on issues that are at the heart of the employment relationship between a Government and its workforce.

Whilst each major party seeks to govern Victoria and presents policies to the electorate for consideration, CPSU is more interested in ascertaining your views on matters that directly impact on the staff you will employ as Government.

Our members deserve to know what type of employer you will be for the next 4 years.

CPSU has therefore developed a set of questions for the parties contesting this election which we ask you to answer.

In order to help our members choose their employer, your answers along with all the other responses will be distributed unedited to the public sector workforce in order for them to make an informed choice on November 29th 2014.

In the event a party chooses not to respond this will also be conveyed to our members.

I look forward to receiving your responses to this important part of the electoral process.

Yours Sincerely

Karen Batt
CPSU Victorian Branch Secretary/Federal Secretary

We wrote a letter to the major parties to ask why you should hire them as your employer.



This is what we asked!


  1. What is your parties' commitment to a career public service and how do you envisage enacting it in practice?
  2. Will you commit to referring powers to the Commonwealth that will ensure security of employment, for dealing with bullying and for establishing enforceable redeployment provisions in EBAs?
  3. Will you agree to amend the Public Administration Act to extend the Review of Actions Regulations to include all public sector bodies, not only public service bodies, to remove the anomalous treatment of public sector employees?
  4. Will you agree to have the current Fair and Reasonable Treatment Principles (s8 of the Public Administration Act) included in all EBAs to guarantee enforceability?
  5. Will you commit to establishing a process to ensure that Government approvals of enterprise bargaining outcomes are subject to timeliness benchmarks?
  6. Will you commit that every agency involved in any aspect of Public Sector enterprise bargaining will have Bargaining Representative status for the purposes of accountability before FWC on the conduct of bargaining?
  7. Will you agree to jointly review current funding models for the determination of resource allocation for the delivery of services with a view to establishing a matrix model of funding and budget allocation?
  8. Will you ensure that the principle of sovereign risk is applied in relation to EBA's so industrial agreements that are reached in good faith are adhered to by Public sector Body and Entity Heads?
  9. Will you agree to establish a joint CPSU/Government task force to review the prevalence of bullying and work overload in the sector with a view to developing and implementing strategies to redress the cause of this?
  10. What is your parties view on the Shergold Report into Service Sector Reform?
  11. Will you agree to rectify current discriminatory treatment for staff involved in emergency management who are blocked from contributing to ESSSuper (including staff in fire management in DEPI and Parks and the State Emergency Service permanent employees) given they all work alongside and are subject to similar risk exposure as MFB/CFA/Police and Ambulance officers who are eligible to contrute to the fund?
  12. Will you agree to review the funding matrix of your policies to avoid the concept of "picking winners", which occurs at the expense of many occupational groups within the policy matrix? (e.g. the focus on police officer numbers in a law and order policy matrix leaves the impression that there's only one occupation contributing and funded when a forensic scientist, finger printer, crime analyst, court reporter, prosecutor, public defender, corrections officer, youth justice officer, or parole officer are also part of that matrix, but not adequately funded to address the impacts flowing from funding more police officers).

As replies are received they will be posted here

The National Party

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The Labor Party

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The Greens

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The Liberal Party

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The Palmer United Party

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The Sex Party

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